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Lead Paint Remediation

lead paint remediation
Prior to 1978, about seventy-five percent of all homes were painted with lead paint. This paint was used primarily on outdoor surfaces, but was also used on window, doors, and wooden surfaces inside. By 1978, however, the use of lead paint in homes was banned throughout the United States as serious health concerns about lead had become known… and this was the first step taken to reduce the chances of health problems being caused by the lead that was found in paints.  Lead pigment in old paints is dangerous because it has been identified to cause abnormalities to unborn babies, children, and even adults. The lead causes damage to the nervous system, a decrease in IQ, learning disabilities, stunted growth, infertility, mental retardation, and even death in some cases.

If you are living in an older home that was painted with lead-based paint, and you are interested in a remodeling project or lead paint remediation, it is important that you select a contractor who is trained and certified in safely removing lead paint.

Hydier Builders is registered with the PA Department of Labor & Industry as a Certified Lead Abatement Contractor.
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